He’s a psychotic player, Part II.

A follow up to the original “He’s psychotic player” post …

Not only was he in every single parent group imaginable, this guy was also totally into helping the Cub Scout “den mothers.” He held a couple of meetings at his house, at which I helped with refreshments, and I got the worst vibes of resentment from the other kid’s moms. Déjà vu. He laughingly told me that he had playfully asked a few of them to marry him a couple of times, and when they started taking him seriously, he had to back-off and tell them that he just wanted to be friends. He said, “I just wanted to help them feel good about themselves, but they wanted more than I was ready to give …” Of course, he still wanted to talk about sex with them. When I mentioned that he only seemed interested in helping single women that he could manipulate, he got angry and changed the subject to his “confirmed-kills in Nam” and the sad anniversaries of all the friends he’d lost. That’s when I finally dumped him.

Clarification:  This isn’t about God and church nor American patriots/warriors, this is about psychos blowing authoritative-sacred-cow smoke screens in the name of Jesus and the American Flag.

3 thoughts on “He’s a psychotic player, Part II.

  1. Psycho. Guys like that usually have smoke screens, to show how ‘caring’ they are. Some pretend to be with the church, some pretend to be in with women’s rights, or the Humane Society, or the enviroment…etc. Every group has a few of these cling-ons. I met one doing volunteer art work with kids. On our second date he told me he had fantasies of killing his mother and started blubbering. He then told me that when he smoked pot he would see Jesus in his living room and they would chat. I escaped like my ass was on fire and the rest of me was catching. Be glad that you did as well.

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