9 thoughts on “He wears the same outfit four dates in a row.

  1. I hope he’s into personal hygiene. I’d be put off by a guy who can’t bother to change his clothes, regardless of whether he’s the artistic, hippie type or not. That’s just gross.

  2. Seconded, as long as he’s washed both himself and everything on in him between, it’s all good. Furthermore, what the hell does being into fashion have to do with whether or not someone’s a good date?

    • I don’t think she’s saying that his not being into fashion has anything to do with him not being a good date but rather that that might have something to do with why he wears the same outfit all the time.

  3. I second what others have commented – if he is clean and his clothes are clean, not a red flag. with all the hipster posers there are in the world, I find it kinda refreshing when anyone, male or female, isn’t all caught up in flash and trendiness.

  4. Disagree with above comments.
    It’s nice to feel that someone cares about impressing you by making an effort with their appearance. This is alongside manners and personality.

    I also think the fact that you have noticed, possibly means you’re not that interested. There will be people in your past that you liked, a lot, despite belly button fluff, scuffed shoes, shoulder hairs, deafening snores etc.

  5. Here’s a thought: Einstein owned five suits of the same colour and cut. That way he never had to bother himself with what to wear. 😉

    However, while this guy seems a bit strange, so long as he and the clothes are clean, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

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