He’s a horrible person and bad liar.

On my second date with this guy I really liked, we went to a local bar near his house (I lived an hour away). We played pool, video bowling and in general had a good time. While he was playing pool with some guys, I chatted it up with one of their wives.  Our conversation started out normally enough, but I quickly discovered she was kind of strange after saying a few things that made me uncomfortable. Well, her husband ended up leaving her at the bar and she claimed she was going to take a cab home. Instead, she immediately latched onto my date and I for entertainment.

When I told him I was ready to go, he asked me about inviting this woman (I’ll call her “R”) back to his house to play pool. I told him I was uncomfortable with that and just wanted to spend the rest of the evening getting to know him. We said our goodbyes and R said something about how she was also ready to go and, “I guess I better call a cab.” My date then invited her over to his house, suggesting she just call a cab from there. She accepted.

At his house, she kept going on and on about how much my date reminded her of her son (since she was more than twice his age), but kept touching him in a way that I thought was inappropriate, especially for someone who reminded her of her son. A couple of hours later, after I’d asked many times about calling her a cab, it seemed like she has no intention of leaving and he wasn’t pushing the issue. So I decide to drive myself home.

Well, my GPS wasn’t working fast enough, and since I was in the middle of nowhere, I decided to head toward “downtown,” thinking I’d have better luck picking up a satellite.  After sitting in a grocery store parking lot for twenty minutes, I called my date hoping to get directions.  He didn’t answer so I left a message saying I was lost and to please call me back.  After maybe twenty more minutes and no return call from him, I felt like my only option was to go back to his house and use his computer to get directions. (There was nothing open at that time of night, and I had no where else to go.)

When I pulled into his driveway, I discovered the house was dark. I though one of two things must be going on: Either R finally left and he went to bed, or they were in bed together. I sucked it up and rang the doorbell.  After ringing the bell twice, he answered the door. He immediately gave me a hug, claimed he was sleeping, and told me how happy he was that I came back. I figured that R had left, until he informed me that he was calling her a cab right then.  She immerged from the bedroom shortly there after and told me, “Nothing happened! I mean nothing!” She grabbed her and headed back to the bedroom to presumably call a cab. A few minutes later she reappeared, screaming that she wasn’t going to take a cab home and that since my date was the one who brought her back to his house, it was his responsibility to get her home. When my date reminded her that it was always her intention to call a cab, she completely lost it. Looking me dead in the eye, she said, “He just had his hand up my pussy five minutes ago! What do you think about that?”

Then she launched at my “date” saying how they were fooling around and he just stopped as soon as I showed back up, and what kind of man does that to a woman? He tried to calm the situation down, but the chick was obviously very pissed off. So he called her a cab, which came shortly thereafter and she finally left. As soon as she was gone he tried to kiss me and I pushed him away. He tried telling me that nothing happened between them and but he didn’t deny her claims because he didn’t want to make a bad situation worse since R was acting crazy. He said they were just sleeping, so I asked why would he ask an absolute stranger that he just met—and was married by the way—to stay at his house and sleep in his bed? He didn’t have an answer.

Then I noticed that the clothes he was wearing that night were on the living room floor.  I asked him why he had undressed in the living room, and he tried to tell me that that wasn’t what he had been wearing. Really?  Are you kidding me?  We spend the entire night together and I don’t know what he was wearing?  I told him not contact me again, walked out the door and never looked back. Oddly my GPS decided to work right when I got back into my car: I wonder what forces were in play that night to make sure I found out early on what kind of man he really was.

4 thoughts on “He’s a horrible person and bad liar.

  1. But it gets better folks. His girlfriend of 2 years contacted me on Facebook. They had just got back from a week long trip to the beach with his family and apparently I had been brought up more than once causing her to be concerned. During his week at the beach, he blew my phone up with apologies and promoises to make it up to me. I told her the truth, we met on a online dating site and had only been out a few times. I felt obligated to tell her about “R” because I would want to know if I were her. She then told me he denied having any contact with me in weeks and did not have a profile on the online site. I sent her a picture of the text messege he sent me just that morning saying he wanted to see me again and the link to his profile on the online site. Not only was he actively seeking other women, but he was paying to do it. I told her she deserved better….i hope she takes my advice.

  2. He obviously knows how to get away with this sort of thing if he saw you at the door and had that reaction. He seems to be a smarter, more evolved type of slime ball. He knows his way around this type of thing and obviously read the signs of R back at the bar. Honestly, I wouldn’t have left with him if he actually told her to come to the house after you pointed out that you didn’t want her to go back. That was the first red flag. The good (in a way) that came out of this though, is that you went back to the house. If you hadn’t, he would have convinced you over the phone that R had left “just thirty seconds after you walked out the door…” and you might have given him a second chance, never knowing what he was really like. So that worked in your favor. Okay, and lastly…good for you for telling his girlfriend about what happened. My gut tells me she knows damn well what she’s dealing with and there are no surprises for her there. It’s probably like she has to keep hearing how much he sucks until it finally sinks in one day and she bolts!

  3. The Red Flag Gods were with you that night, thank God it was only your second date. Speaking of red flags, watch out for David above. He acts all nice here, with compliments and ofers to get to know him etc, but if your read his comments on the other red flags you’ll see that he’s a creeper with some serious anger issues towards women. Beware!

  4. The Red Flag Gods were with you that night. Thank God it was only your second date. Speaking of red flags watch out for David above. He plays all nice with compliments and offers to chat, but if you read his comments on the other red flags you’ll see his serious anger issues towards women. Beware!

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