He smells down there.

Toward the end of our three years together, my ex got lazy about showering (sometimes only cleaning himself once a week).  I used to enjoy going down on him, but towards the end of our relationship I never did because of the body order smell and taste (ick).  He either didn’t notice he wasn’t getting lucky anymore, or didn’t care. I even started withholding sex if he hadn’t showered within a reasonable time frame. If it were me, and I knew my hygiene that day wasn’t great or something, I’d either not be comfortable with him going down on me, or I’d give him the heads up (no pun intended). How are guys not aware of the way they smell down there?

3 thoughts on “He smells down there.

  1. Maybe women are just more in tune because we grew up going to the grocery store with our moms and saw an entire AISLE dedicated to feminine hygiene products. Maybe what this world needs is an aisle, or at least some shelf space, full of deodorant dick wipes and deodorant scrotum spray so guys will get a clue that if they don’t wash down there, they SMELL down there.

  2. First of all, HAHAHA! This is disgusting and hilarious. Secondly, please do not lump us all in together. I work very hard to stay clean. Some people (male AND female) just do not seem to worry about taking care of themselves. I once dated a girl who admitted she had not washed herself in two weeks. Guys often smell like vinegar, she smelled like old fish. WASH YOUR JUNK, PEOPLE!

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