He doesn’t bathe.

This guy I was dating didn’t bathe because he had a problem with his furnace that messed up his hot water. At first he was clean but, as he got more comfortable, he showered less. I’ve taken cold baths many times. Yes, no one likes them, but I’d rather deal with a little discomfort than smell nasty all the time.

He also refused to turn his heat past 62 degrees, so his house was freezing. I told him that my clothes wouldn’t come off if I was cold, so he eventually turned the heat up. This made things slightly better until one night I got a whiff of his rear during sex. It was so foul that there was no way he didn’t notice it. He swore he’d shower when I was coming over but at this point I was so turned off that I ended it. NEXT…

1 thought on “He doesn’t bathe.

  1. I can understand not wanting to take a cold shower, but you can always get soap and water and a wash cloth and take care of business that way. If you have running water, there’s no excuse for nastiness.

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