She ran off to not-so-greener pastures.

After a year of living together my now-ex ran off with a guy almost ten years older who was married, had a kid from a previous marriage and was a convicted felon. Her reason for leaving me, “to travel and be happy.”

One year later the guy she ran off with was thrown in jail for theft, and she is now living with seven family members in a two-bedroom apartment. I, on-the-other-hand, just graduated with a BS bio/eng, have a killer salary job, just bought a house and have three months worth of travel plans for the upcoming year.

(filed under: sucks to be you)

11 thoughts on “She ran off to not-so-greener pastures.

  1. Gloat away. I was once married and I spoke of how the long term would be beautiful the rewards full of the challenges and bounties I longed and dreamed about. Now a reality, life is awesome. Her and the man she chose over me live a happy life in subsidized housing and her own children refuse to see her – entierly not because of me. She is where she wants and loves to be. She fought tooth and nail and deserves the life she receives.

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